Sky Magic

Sky Magic 1.0

An intriguing, fast-paced and interesting puzzle game
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Sky Magic

Ancient people left sky islands several centuries ago. Thereupon Sky Magic fell asleep gradually. Now perpetual autumn reigns over these lands. Those, who have visited
sky island, tell about the rests of grand tower that overtops in island center. Nobody has managed to reach it yet. Ancient people built magic gate for long distance traveling. Time can't destroy this gate, but now almost no one can use them.
Runes are special language for writing of Sky Magic Exorcisms. Not many people are familiar with runes
and nobody can assert that knows meaning of all of them. Some people consider that runes are the alphabet
of Ancient people, but it's a mistake.
Ancient people are considered as creators of giant obelisks that are met in the middle lands. If it's true, the mystery clue can be found on sky islands. It's clear that stars and planets disposition plays a significant role in
Sky Magic. The Ancient people could predict important
events on the night firmament, but this skill is considered as a lost one. Nobody knows who Ancient people were
and why they left the sky islands. There are just several
legends about it, but they also don't tell almost anything. Probably, Librarians know this mystery. Nothing is known about Gods that protected Ancient people. Sometimes it's possible to meet the rests of destroyed temples in the middle world, but inscriptions on their walls are incomprehensible.

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